I urge you to learn the harsh facts that lurk behind the mask of official illusion with which we have concealed our true circumstances, even from ourselves.

Our country is in danger: not just from foreign enemies, but above all, from our own misguided policies—and what they can do to the nation that Thomas Jefferson once told us was the last, best, hope of man.

There is a contest on, not for the rule of America, but for the heart of America.

~ Robert F. Kennedy, from a speech during his Presidential campaign, Kansas State University, March 18, 1968

For the Record: Destiny Betrayed

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  • Biden, Trump, the CIA: Reflections in a Dark Mirror, Nixon vs. Helms, 1971
    Written by
    Biden, Trump, the CIA: Reflections in a Dark Mirror, Nixon vs. Helms, 1971

    With the looming October deadline for President Biden’s decision on the release of the remaining files from the JFK Records Act, Benjamin Cole reviews President Trump’s recent history with the National Security State and revisits President Nixon’s interactions with CIA director Richard Helms with implications toward the JFK assassination.

    Written on Saturday, 03 April 2021 16:49
  • Tom Bethell: A Study in Duplicity
    Tom Bethell: A Study in Duplicity

    Jim DiEugenio takes the occasion of Tom Bethell’s recent passing to review his literary career and especially his intriguing early connections to the JFK assassination research community and work on the Jim Garrison investigation.

    Written on Saturday, 27 March 2021 17:51
  • The Devil is in the Details: By Malcolm Blunt with Alan Dale
    The Devil is in the Details: By Malcolm Blunt with Alan Dale

    Malcolm Blunt may, in fact, be the most important little-known JFK researcher of our generation. Jim DiEugenio uses this review of Alan Dale’s excellent new oral history, The Devil is in the Details, to survey Malcolm’s crucial contributions to the evidence that has been exposed today and to pay tribute to his tireless, selfless, and insightful work.

    Written on Saturday, 20 March 2021 17:04
  • Truth Is the Only Client
    Written by
    Truth Is the Only Client

    Matt Douthit reviews the 2019 self-produced documentary Truth Is the Only Client, streaming now on Amazon Prime, and finds it has essentially tried to take the modern and improved Oswald-did-it narrative from Vincent Bugliosi and Gerald Posner and then declare the Warren Commission way back in 1964 got it right after all.

    Written on Sunday, 14 March 2021 07:05
  • A Review of Last Second in Dallas by Josiah Thompson
    A Review of Last Second in Dallas by Josiah Thompson

    Randy Robertson examines Josiah Thompson’s new book chapter-by-chapter with an emphasis on the acoustic and medical evidence and finds that, despite its flaws, Last Second in Dallas presents new incontrovertible evidence of conspiracy.

    Written on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 05:55
  • Last Second in Dallas by Josiah Thompson
    Written by
    Last Second in Dallas by Josiah Thompson

    Martin Hay surveys Josiah Thompson’s history as a JFK assassination researcher and then reviews his new book Last Second in Dallas, which he believes lives up to the promise of its title and establishes to a high degree of probability exactly how that final second went down.

    Written on Tuesday, 09 March 2021 05:57
  • Barry Ernest Replies to John Armstrong, RE: Victoria Adams
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    Barry Ernest Replies to John Armstrong, RE: Victoria Adams

    Barry Ernest replies to John Armstrong’s recent article entitled “Oswald DID NOT Run Down the Stairs” by clarifying the record and revealing various assumptions Armstrong makes in his evaluation of the evidence.

    Written on Saturday, 27 February 2021 18:00
  • Sirhan’s Upcoming Parole Hearing
    Sirhan’s Upcoming Parole Hearing

    [UPDATE] According to Lisa Pease, due to factors related to COVID 19, Sirhan’s parole hearing has been postponed until the summer. We do not have a definite date yet, but when we do get one we will post it. Meanwhile, please continue to write in letters in favor of him being released due to the reasons cited in this article, and at the address listed below. Thank you.

    With Sirhan Sirhan’s next parole board hearing coming up on March 21, 2021 sometime this summer, Jim DiEugenio reviews the basic facts regarding the conduct of Sirhan’s defense team at the original trial and urges our readers to write to the parole board requesting Sirhan’s release.

    Written on Monday, 28 December 2020 19:24

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  • Chris Newton: Oswald’s letter to the Russian Embassy in November of 1963
  • Michael LeFLem on Greg Poulgrain’s upcoming book on the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno
  • Summary and Conclusion to the Creating the Oswald Legend series by Vasilios Vazakis
  • Mark Adamczyk and Larry Schnapf on how to push Joe Biden to finish the job of the JFK Act

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