I am concerned that, at the end of it all, there will only be more Americans killed; more of our treasure spilled out; and because of the bitterness and hatred on every side of this war, more hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese slaughtered; so that they may say, as Tacitus said of Rome: “They made a desert and called it peace.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy, from a speech during his Presidential campaign, Kansas State University, March 18, 1968

Revisiting VP Candidate Kamala Harris

Centrist Joe Biden predictably chose a Hillary Clinton clone as his VP, one who does not threaten Wall Street or the Power Elite. Read why below:

For the Record: Destiny Betrayed

Featured Articles & Reviews

  • Nasser, Kennedy, the Middle East, and Israel
    Nasser, Kennedy, the Middle East, and Israel

    Jim DiEugenio continues his thorough exposition of John F. Kennedy’s foreign policy in this article by focusing on Egypt’s Abdel Nasser, Israel’s Ben Gurion, and the Middle East, where Kennedy wanted to appeal to forces he considered moderate, in hope of spreading the elements of moderation—republics, socialism, free education—throughout the Middle East.

    Written on Thursday, 22 October 2020 02:24
  • All in the Family: Charlotte and Jonathan Alter
    Written by
    All in the Family: Charlotte and Jonathan Alter

    In the best tradition of KennedysAndKing, reader Wayne Stewart read Charlotte Alter’s Time Magazine article and saw the corresponding TV spot. He replied to her with a letter, which we publish here. We hope it inspires others to do the same.

    Written on Saturday, 17 October 2020 18:05
  • Sylvia Meagher and Clay Shaw vs. Jim Garrison
    Sylvia Meagher and Clay Shaw vs. Jim Garrison

    Having recently recounted Vincent Salandria's faithful support of Jim Garrison, Jim DiEugenio now examines Sylvia Meagher's own relationship to Jim Garrison and her unflinching defense of Clay Shaw to the point of stubbornly refusing to consider the last year and a half of Garrison’s investigation and files.

    Written on Friday, 09 October 2020 05:11
  • Proof of Conspiracy in JFK Assassination (Rev)
    Written by
    Proof of Conspiracy in JFK Assassination (Rev)

    Chuck Marler compiles evidence of conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and narrates a presentation of this evidence.

    Written on Saturday, 03 October 2020 23:19
  • Rand Development and U.S. Intelligence
    Written by
    Rand Development and U.S. Intelligence

    Gary Hill expands on his research on the Rand Development Corporation and demonstrates just how much we can learn by understanding the organizations to which Oswald and other of the main characters are linked.

    Written on Sunday, 20 September 2020 23:54
  • Creating the Oswald Legend – Part 5
    Creating the Oswald Legend – Part 5

    In the fifth part of this multi-part series, Vasilios examines the Tippit murder, how LBJ prevented a war, CIA police training and the CIS, Domestic Operations, air proproprietaries and the drug trade, James Angleton, E. Howard Hunt, and so much more.

    Written on Sunday, 13 September 2020 06:21

Remembering Vincent Salandria: 1928 – 2020

  • Vincent Salandria: In Memorial
    Vincent Salandria: In Memorial

    Jim DiEugenio remembers and recounts the significant contributions to the JFK assassination case of Vincent Salandria, who was one of the first researchers and one who was trying to expose the overthrow of the government shortly after it happened.

    Written on Sunday, 30 August 2020 04:46
  • Vincent Salandria Memorial
    Written by
    Vincent Salandria Memorial

    Black Op Radio interviews Jim DiEugenio, Christopher Sharrett, John Kelin, Gary Schoener, Vincent Feldman, Max Good, Marty Schotz, Dave Ratcliffe, and Michael Morrissey to obtain their thoughts and remembrances at the passing of Vincent Salandria on August 23, 2020.

    Written on Sunday, 30 August 2020 05:08

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  • Chris Newton: Oswald’s letter to the Russian Embassy in November of 1963
  • Michael LeFlem on Greg Poulgrain’s upcoming book on the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno
  • Vasilios Vazakis on part 6 of Creating the Oswald Legend
  • Mark Adamczyk on the significance of George Joannides
  • Rob Couteau interviews Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio
  • Jim DiEugenio on Vincent Bevins’ book The Jakarta Method

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  • Jim DiEugenio is a semi-regular guest on Len Osanic's BlackOp Radio telecast on Thursday nights.

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