I urge you to learn the harsh facts that lurk behind the mask of official illusion with which we have concealed our true circumstances, even from ourselves.

Our country is in danger: not just from foreign enemies, but above all, from our own misguided policies—and what they can do to the nation that Thomas Jefferson once told us was the last, best, hope of man.

There is a contest on, not for the rule of America, but for the heart of America.

~ Robert F. Kennedy, from a speech during his Presidential campaign, Kansas State University, March 18, 1968

Truth and Reconciliation: Petition to Congress

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  • Paul Blake Smith, JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot
    Written by
    Paul Blake Smith, JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot

    Paul Bleau’s critical review of a book which argues that Carlos Marcello led the effort to assassinate JFK, sending Lee Harvey Oswald to Washington as part of a team meant to shoot the president from the Willard Hotel.

    Written on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 22:44
  • The Hidden Hand: The Assassination of Malcolm X
    Written by

    evanzz leadKarl Evanzz reviews the Malcolm X assassination, arguing cogently for U.S. intelligence interest in controlling and eventually eliminating the threat he represented.



    Written on Monday, 11 March 2019 15:47
  • Suppressed Evidence of JFK Throat Entry
    Written by
    Suppressed Evidence of JFK Throat Entry

    Forensic facts—definitive of an entrance wound—seem to apply to the wound in Kennedy’s throat. Yet these fascinating facts have been suppressed by the government, and many who write about the medical evidence seem unaware of them. If we ever get the chance to bring our research to the attention of Congress, this report may be useful to those looking for simple physical proof of conspiracy.

    Written on Tuesday, 05 March 2019 22:23
  • Lisa Pease, A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Robert Kennedy Assassination
    Written by
    Lisa Pease, A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Robert Kennedy Assassination

    The author’s narrative gifts are as pronounced as her investigative acumen. And with this book as her lifetime achievement on a case that still remains relatively obscure in light of the JFK assassination, she will likely establish herself as the preeminent authority on the subject for years to come, avers Michael Le Flem.

    Written on Thursday, 21 February 2019 22:11

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  • Vasilios Vazakas, “Creating the Oswald legend”, part 3.
  • Marc Goubert on The RFK Tapes.
  • Jim DiEugenio, The Mysterious Life and Death of James McCord.

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