jfkThe Afro-Asian revolution of nationalism, the revolt against colonialism, the determination of people to control their national destinies … in my opinion the tragic failure of both Republican and Democratic administrations since World War II to comprehend the nature of this revolution, and its potentialities for good and evil, has reaped a bitter harvest today—and it is by rights and by necessity a major foreign policy campaign issue that has nothing to do with anti-communism.

~ John F. Kennedy, from a speech given during the Stevenson campaign, 1956

Special Feature: JFK, RFK and Civil Rights

Vietnam Declassified (new version)

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  • Gayle Nix Jackson, Pieces of the Puzzle: An Anthology, (2017)
    Written by

    Gayle Nix Jackson's 2017 collection of investigative vignettes surrounding the assassination of JFK provides both new evidence for researchers and presents many old facts in a new light.

    Written on Saturday, 12 January 2019 22:41
  • JFK and Far-right Conspiracy Rhetoric
    Written by

    The untimely demise of John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been an event of deep analysis and obsessive investigation. His death has even been used as a political tool to justify the belief systems of various individuals and groups.

    Written on Friday, 21 December 2018 20:48
  • The Crimes of Quillette
    Written by
    The Crimes of Quillette

    Carrying forward his response to Fred Litwin on Garrison, Jim DiEugenio turns his unrelenting critical eye on Quillette, an organ of the alt-right which not only published an article based on Litwin's book, but also a follow-up piece with a similar title by one its editors, Jamie Palmer.

    Written on Sunday, 02 December 2018 20:44
  • Jim Garrison vs. Fred Litwin: The Beat Goes On (part 2)
    Written by
    Jim Garrison vs. Fred Litwin: The Beat Goes On (part 2)

    “Anytime someone goes after Garrison, I will be there,” Jim DiEugenio has assured us. So it is with the latest attempt, this time by Fred Litwin, to recirculate those all-too-familiar, stale media smears and untruths without any reference to the revelations of the ARRB.

    Written on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 23:29

JFK 55th Anniversary Roundtable

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  • Jim DiEugenio on Peter Scott’s new anthology on the JFK case.
  • Part 3 of  Vasilios Vazakas: Creating the Oswald legend.
  • Chris Newton on Ruth Paine and the Soviet Embassy letter.
  • The latest on the mystery of Permindex/CMC and the Louis Bloomfield cover-up by John Kowalski and Michele Metta.

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