John F. Kennedy

  • Last Second in Dallas, part 1
    Last Second in Dallas, part 1

    Jim DiEugenio writes part 1 of his mixed review of Josiah Thompson’s new book on the JFK case, Last Second in Dallas, by summarizing the first-person journey, recounted by Thompson, that led to his first book, Six Seconds in Dallas, and then discussing the troubling history of the media and scientific forces aligned to derail further investigations, including Jim Garrison’s.

    Written on Saturday, 17 July 2021 19:30
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War
    Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War

    Jim DiEugenio reviews Greg Parker’s unusual, provocative, and insightful two-volume work entitled Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War and traces the Cold War timeline and progression through the early life of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to his “defection” to the Soviet Union in October, 1959.

    Written on Monday, 05 July 2021 20:00
  • Morley v. CIA
    Morley v. CIA

    Recognizing the significant contributions to JFK research made by mainstream journalist Jefferson Morley, Jim DiEugenio reviews his recent e-book, Morley v. CIA: My Unfinished JFK Investigation, and traces the history of George Joannides involvement with the CIA and the DRE dating back to the time of the JFK assassination and beyond.

    Written on Saturday, 26 June 2021 20:00

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy

General Interest

  • Why the Vietnam War? by Michael Swanson
    Why the Vietnam War? by Michael Swanson

    With an eye toward the Indochina machinations inherited by President John F. Kennedy, Jim DiEugenio reviews the new book Why the Vietnam War? by Michael Swanson, who foreshadows the fact that Kennedy was trapped by his own advisors and how his removal would lead to an epic tragedy.

    Written on Saturday, 01 May 2021 19:00
  • Fred Litwin: Culture Warrior
    Fred Litwin: Culture Warrior

    Litwin’s Follies concludes: Fred finds his mentor. He and David Horowtiz blow up the decade of the sixties. Forget JFK and his assassination, we must learn to love Rudy Giuliani, W, and the Iraq War.

    Written on Friday, 19 February 2021 18:00

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